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Sweat x Style Final Submission

Submit by Sunday, June 30th!

Congratulations on completing the Sweat x Style 30 Day Challenge! We are so very proud of you for working so hard. We’ve loved watching you SHINE!

You are all WINNERS, as each of you has transformed throughout the past month! It will be SOO hard for us to pick our GRAND PRIZE WINNER & RUNNER UP, but we must!

Our Winners will be announced via FACEBOOK LIVE on TUESDAY July 2nd at 12PM EST

Thank you so much!


Name *
(Don’t weigh yourself? No prob! Skip this question.)
(No measurements? No prob! Skip this one.)
Be specific. Discuss physical changes (weight, measurements, how clothes fit, body changes, style, clothing, wardrobe) as well as emotional/mindset changes (whispers, attitude, self-love, self-acceptance, mindset, emotion, confidence, etc.). You can either submit on this form written OR post in the group a written statement or a video.
Do you have photos that show your transformation (internal and/or external)?
Can be in a sassy outfit, fitness wear, dress, bathing suit…whatever shows off your personal transformation! You can submit to Jaime or Karri privately in Facebook Messenger or via email. (Photos are not necessary, but considered as a part of the winner selection.)
Agreement *