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Meet Jaime

At some point in our lives, we all feel a sense of questioning. What am I doing? Am I on the right track? Where did these freaking wrinkles come from? For me and so many other women, that happens at some point in one’s late thirties and early forties (and again in one’s fifties). It can feel quite funky—and not in an awesome James Brown kind of way.

W H A T   T H E   F U N K ?

It began for me on my 39th birthday. I woke up feeling like a stranger in my own body. Choices and preferences that fit for me five years ago, now felt like putting shoes on the wrong feet or my jeans on backwards.

And, for the first time, I felt life whizzing by me. I was panicked thinking about how little time we have on this Earth to make our dreams come true. While I’ve kept myself occupied with business, busyness and B.S. excuses, my hopes and dreams have been tossed aside like crappy samples from the makeup counter.


The Mid Life Awakening.

At the time, I was uncertain what was wrong with me and thought I was going through a mid life crisis, but now affectionately refer to this time as my mid life awakening. This unrest started my quest for rediscovering me—my values, passions, goals and dreams. And, I started to finally deal with those self-imposed obstacles I’ve held onto like a security blanket for far too long: self-doubt, body image, perfectionism, fear, guilt, and the list goes on.

I've spent the last few years recalibrating my life, and I am now onto the next and best chapter yet. I am now a Mom of our IVF miracle baby and coolest little dude ever—Bowie Baird. His arrival inspired me to rethink how I spent my time and created an urgency to make my ultimate dream come true. Six months after Bowie’s birth, I began build a fitness lifestyle business to help women shine in health and life. From events, one-on-one coaching, products and education, I am applying everything I have learned in my career and life to date to help elevate women mind, booty & soul.

Turn Down For What?

This website will share my lessons, resources and services that will help you get clear on your goals and slay those little beasts (e.g. obstacles) standing in the way of your dreams. I hope that something I share gives you that inspirational nudge (or get off your butt shove) to get moving on your dreams and goals in health and life. And, in the process, I hope you’ll let out your special something that’s dying to be seen, heard and experienced. When you do, you’ll light up your life and the world around you. I call that turning up your shine.




Born, raised and residing a Florida girl, Jaime Baird lives for blue skies, sunshine and a daily sweat.

Jaime’s mission is to help women SHINE —

the phenom that occurs when one honors her health, lives in alignment with her values and in pursuit of her dreams and doesn’t give into B.S. soul suckers like body hate, perfectionism, self-doubt, guilt and fear.

Jaime has always felt called to help others discover and celebrate their uniqueness and strengths, in addition to encouraging bold steps to move closer to goals. She started doing so twenty years ago when she began working in marketing strategy. She has served such brands as Nike, Got Milk? House of Blues and Universal and also worked as Director of Strategic Planning for boutique agency PUSH Inc.

Over the last decade, Jaime focused her work in fitness and wellness. Her passion for high vibe living grew out of the need to take better care of her own mind, body and soul. During this time, she served as Editor in Chief of FitnessRx For Women Magazine, worked as a fitness writer, competed in the IFBB and was featured on the cover of two national magazines. She later started a communications consultancy specializing in the wellness, fitness and sports industries.

Jaime now works directly with women wanted to elevate their fitness and life through positive, passionate and informed events, coaching, writing and products.

When Jaime’s not working, reading, sweating or writing, you’ll find her hanging out on the couch with her hubby Eddie Baird, sweet baby boy Bowie and fur babies watching Game of Thrones, Star Wars,  College Football (Go Gators!) or WWE.  


M.S. Communications - University of Central Florida - 2005
B.S.B.A. Marketing - University of Florida - 1998
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Top 6 IFBB Bikini International 2011-2013
Top 6 IFBB Bikini Olympia 2010 - 2012